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Allergy Rakshak Avaleha by Arogyam for Respiratory Allergies. 200g

For Cold, Cough, Nazla, Sneezing, Sinus
(32 customer reviews)

Trusted by 56000+ Happy Patients



Developed by British Parliament Awardee Doctors


  • For general Cough, Cold, Nazla.
  • Persistent Sneezing, Watery Itchy Nose, Blocked nose (Nasal Polyps).
  • Itchy Watery Eyes, Itchy Blocked Ears.
  • Mucus in Throat (Post Nasal Drip).
  • Sinus (Feeling heaviness in head).


Allergy Rakshak Avaleha by Arogyam is an ayurvedic concoction of various ancient medicinal herbs with the sweetness of natural honey.  Authentically prepared with Kanthkari, Haridra, Tulsi, Haridra to treat chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory allergies. Amla provides an excellent source of vitamin C to enhance the body’s defense system. Arogyam Rakshak Avaleha is a health expert to boosts your family’s strength and immunity.

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Key Ingredients

Kantkari (Solanum Surattense): It is widely used for cold, cough, and respiratory allergies and infections. It soothes the symptoms of asthma.

Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum): It is a herb for all reasons of medicinal use. It is traditionally used for respiratory and skin diseases. Each part of the plant (leaves, stem, flower, roots, and seeds) have medicinal use. It is a widely used medicinal plant.

Amla (Embica Officinalis): Major source of Vitamin-C, a potent immunity booster. It provides health benefits from head to toe, including hair care, improved eyesight, respiratory health, blood purifier, etc. It also has dietary and culinary use.

Haridra (Curcuma Longa): It is used as a spice and medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-septic abilities. It is widely used for treating skin allergies and improving skin complexion.

Malkangni (Celastrus Paniculatus): It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to help wound healing and reduce pain. It is also known to help with depression and enhance memory.

Manjistha (Rubta Condifolia): It is an excellent source for blood purification and enhancing liver function. It is also effective for skin rashes, itching, and inflammation. It helps maintain digestion.

Honey: It is used as a natural sweetener and preservative with its ability to enhance the action of other ingredients.


1. Can it be taken empty stomach?
Ans. Yes. Preferable to be taken with milk or water for best results.

2. Who can consume?
Ans. It can be taken by all age groups and gender. Kindly concern the physician before use.

3. Is this product healthy and safe to consume?
Ans. Yes. Allergy Rakshak Avaleha By Arogyam is made from natural, pure substances. The content and dosage have been formulated by M.D Ayurveda doctors with exceptional expertise in this field.

4. Are there any added preservatives?
Ans. Yes. As per approved standards.

Based on 32 reviews

4.6 overall

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  1. sodhu49

    Very good product. My health improved lot and my wife also taking after seeing result from me….


  2. pinki pal

    It really serves the purpose.bit pricey for sure.but the product is good.

    pinki pal

  3. Abhishek B

    It tastes excellent. And it is not too sweet for my taste buds and the result is also very good. The jar was in good condition.

    Abhishek B

  4. Ananya

    My breathing has slightly improved after few weeks use. Would highly recommend it. Also, it has all plant based ingredients which has traditional use, so it is safe to consume every day


  5. Manasvi

    I highly recommend it. The product has good consistenty and taste. My children have it with milk every morning. The packaging was very careful when it came. worth the money.


  6. Lovepreet

    This product is excelent for allergy.


  7. Jaskirat

    This product is Effective in all respiratory problems.fully satisfied with this product.and this product 100% natural with no side effects.


  8. Pooja

    Maine apni ek friend se iss Avaleha k bare bohat suna k jeh allergy k liye bohat fayedemand hai. Fr maine b iss product ko order kra .aur use krna use kiya .sach mei bohat acha product hai..


  9. Tushar

    Allergy Rakshak Avaleha is Very effective in allergic rhinitis (sinus) and asthma.i used it.


  10. Parveen

    The product having very good result ,after using the product feeling energatic .


  11. Rohit

    Very good product. I will suggest all my friends to purchase this products.


  12. Pankaj

    As compared to others very good. Very good flavour as well as taste.


  13. Samita

    .Love it! These ingredients work really well for me.


  14. Kritika

    Only natural allergy supplement that works for me.


  15. Dipika

    10.A very good remedy for allergies. On the advice of a friend, I bought it for the first time.


  16. Munish Kumar

    Always take for children for the prevention of seasonal allergies

    Munish Kumar

  17. Danish

    Allergy Rakshak Avaleha is extremely effective in treating allergic rhinitis (sinusitis) and asthma. I made use of it.


  18. Sushil kohli

    It is very useful to boost immunity for all ages. My mother is using it for the second time, and she is very happy with the results.

    Sushil kohli

  19. Hemant Kumar

    Effective composition For Cold, CoughSneezing, and Sinus. I am using this daily must-buy for 100% to get a 100% cure for respiratory allergies.

    Hemant Kumar

  20. Jaskirat

    Effective Allergy rahkshakat an affordable price.


  21. Sanchita

    My son is frequently affected by seasonal allergies, So I purchased this product for him. He loves the taste, and it also helps boost his immunity and is effective for his allergy symptoms. Thanks, Arogyam.


  22. Ashish Kamal

    Excellent Product. Good Result. I highly recommend this to all my family,relatives and friends

    Ashish Kamal

  23. Ritika Sharma

    After a few weeks of use, my breathing problems improved. I wholeheartedly recommend it. It also contains all plant-based ingredients with traditional uses, making it safe to consume every day.

    Ritika Sharma

  24. Vaibhav

    It worked well for my long-term sneezing and coughing. I am using it from last 4 months and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from respiratory allergies.


  25. Pawan Chauhan

    I am giving this as an immunity booster for my 8 years old, Proves highly effective for him, safe and result oriented.

    Pawan Chauhan

  26. Jagraj singh

    Excellent Product, and works well on my long-term coughing and sneezing, Highly recommended.

    Jagraj singh

  27. Manvi Mehra

    I bought this product for my father. He has suffered from sneezing now he is feel better after using this. Thank you Arogyam.

    Manvi Mehra

  28. Hardeep Kaur

    Safe and natural Avalehais suitable for all age groups my whole family is using it.

    Hardeep Kaur

  29. Madhu Chawla

    I am getting relief from my long-time coughing & sneezing after using Arogyam’s Allergy Alaveha, Thank you Arogyam.

    Madhu Chawla

  30. Shushmita Rai

    After using so many Allopathy Medicines, I finally find a product with zero side-effect and an effective cure for my sinus and sneezing, Thank you so much Arogyam.

    Shushmita Rai

  31. Karan Bajwa

    I realized improvement in my immunity straight away with the start of its use. Great product from Arogyam. it’s old and proven. Everyone must include it in their daily life, because it has no side effects.

    Karan Bajwa

  32. Narinder Kumar

    Proven solution for Long term sneezing and coughing, I am using this for my son, Thank you Arogyam.

    Narinder Kumar

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