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Anaemia Care Capsules By Arogyam Ayurveda, 60 Capsules

(9 customer reviews)

  • Promotes blood synthesis with hemoglobin.
  • Reduce symptoms of anemia like breathlessness and weakness.
  • Increases the pallor and complexion of the skin.
  • Decreases the symptoms of lethargy and laziness.
  • Hemoglobins of the patient’s increases.
  • It is a natural, herbal, and mineral bases way of increasing your blood levels.
  • Very effective in jaundice patients.
  • Reduces the edema of liver and spleen enlargement.

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Anaemia Care Capsules by Arogyam Ayurveda are specially designed to promote blood synthesis and manage hemoglobin content. The ingredients are carefully composed by our expert ayurvedic doctors to make them effective to reduce symptoms of anemia and iron deficiency. It has added advantage in reducing swelling and inflammation in liver and spleen conditions, and other diseases pertaining to the digestive system. The product is made to give results without any side effects and get rid of habit-forming medicines.

Dosage: 1 capsule twice a daily after meals or as directed by the physician.

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Key Ingredients

Mandoor Bhasma: it is an ayurvedic mineral-based medicine, which helps treat and manage iron deficiency anemia.

Praval Pishti: It is again a mineral-based purifier and soothes the body and cures the weakness of the body.

Amla: Amla increases your hemoglobin level, red-blood cells count, and thus, purifies blood due to its vitamin C component.

Elaichi: it helps fight symptoms of anemia such as dizziness and lethargy, because of its richness in Vitamin C which helps increase the absorbance of iron by cells in the body.

Giloy Satva: It is effective in managing anemia and boosts up immunity.

Laung: Clove – it is a potent antioxidant; helps to reduce the free radicals produced in the body. It is traditionally used for bad breath and toothache.

Varatika Bhasma (calcium carbonate): It is rich in minerals. It has antacid, alterative, diuretic, anti-diarrheic, digestive, and expectorant properties.

Nagkesar: It is used in relieving swelling, edema, and inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It improves digestion and appetite.


1. How long should I take the tablets?
Ans. We recommend you take it for 90 days for the best results. Or consult a physician for a prescription.

2. Can pregnant and lactating women take this tablets?
Ans. If you are pregnant or lactating, then we suggest you consult your doctor first. With the doctor’s advice, you can take it.

3. Does it have any side effects?
Ans. No. It is a natural, herbal, and mineral bases way of increasing your blood levels. If there are any side effects, please immediately consult your physician.


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  1. Amritha

    My previous iron supplement would cause stomachache! But these tablets really helped improve my condition. I appreciate the fact that it has some special ingredient that help absorb iron.


  2. M. Manjunath

    I am iron deficient and that makes me weak and lethargic. I tried this tablet and have been usiing it for 2 months now. I can see the results. It also helpmy indigestion problem.

    M. Manjunath

  3. Simran B

    I observe immediate results with energy levels. I don’t feel weak and lethargic like before. It is also showing effects on my iron level.

    Simran B

  4. Savita

    I bought this a month ago. I can see an improvement in my haemoglobin count. The product is really good.


  5. Jaspreet

    I just started taking iron supplements and there is no side effect and after long use will share my results experience.


  6. Sandeep

    It literally helped me detoxifying my blood..


  7. Ajay

    It is very effective. And it gives result


  8. Charnpreet

    I am using this medicine for the past month and it’s showing Great effect!


  9. Diksha

    Great product, helps in balancing Harmons plus blood circulation.