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Joint Rakshak Collagen for Joint Health 30*8gm Sachets

(10 customer reviews)

Developed by British Parliament Awardee Doctors


  • It helps strengthen joints and maintains flexibility.
  • It can stimulate the regeneration of cartilage.
  • It can help to reduce knee friction by greasing the knee joint.
  • It also reduces joint pain due to inflammation.
  • It can also be useful in maintaining skin elasticity.


Joint Rakshak Collagen Sachet by Arogyam is a formula created to improve joint health with expert consideration by M.D. Ayurveda doctors. It is a granular sachet, which contains collagen and rosehip extract. It helps restore the flexibility of the joint by building up the grease in the joints, keeping the muscles and tendons together, and rebuilding cartilage. It has added benefit of hydrating and tightening skin. It is an excellent solution for strengthening muscles and joints, and hydrating skin.

Dosage: Empty 1 sachet in 100ml of water and take any time during the day.

Key Ingredients

Collagen hydrolysate: It is a hydrolyzed protein from a marine source; easy to digest by the body. Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. It decreases with age leading to saggy skin and friction in joints. Hence, an external source of collagen help maintains its natural activity in the body. It will help strengthen your joints and maintain skin elasticity.

Rosehip extract: it is a rich source of vitamin C, and thus helps in antioxidant activity. It also alleviates joint inflammation and prevents joint damage. It is also good for skin diseases such as rosacea.


1. Who can use it?
Ans. It advisable for adult men and women, especially seniors. Individuals on medication must concern the physician before use.

2. Is this product vegetarian?
Ans. No. This product contains non-vegetarian content.

3. What is the source of collagen?
Ans. Marine source.

4. Does it contain sugar??
Ans. Collagen is sugar-free. The sweet taste is derived from the permitted artificial sweetener. Diabetic patients may consult the doctor before use.

Based on 10 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. Lalita

    I would highly recommend this product. It is genuine and effective. Best for people suffering from bone/joint problems. Improves mobility and flexibility.


  2. Dharmendra

    one of the nest collagen I cane across. It reduces joint pain and stiffness and makes bones stronger. It worked for joint which made clicking sound.


  3. Anushree

    My aunt suffers from arthritis and since she has started taking collagen, there is gradual relief in her joint pain. The wonderful part about this product is that they rose hip extract to mask any odor from collagen. And both these products are good for skin too.


  4. Sunny

    I really love this product. It has helped my skin glow. My skin looks feels rejuvenated. Happy to have been a part of the trial panel. Will continue using and update.


  5. Rahul Mehra

    Good product for stiffness in joints. It reduces the stiffness and pain.

    Rahul Mehra

  6. Charanpreet Singh

    Have been wanting to start collagen supplements for a while and happened to take Joint Rakshak Collagen after much research. Have been having it for a week and experienced joint pain relief along with joint comfort and strength.

    Charanpreet Singh

  7. Nisha Mehra

    Purchased this collagen for my mother after hearing about it from our neighbour. Must say this product actually works. My mother’s knee pain has visibly reduced and now she can do her daily chores smoothly and effectively. Highly recommended.

    Nisha Mehra

  8. Sukhdeep

    My experience with this product has been fantastic, it was recommended to me by a friend. I have seen a significant betterment in my joints and bones. Must try.


  9. Parul

    Bought this product for my dad and must say results are positive. My dad is suffering since few years now and using Joint Rakshak Collagen 2 for 3 months, his knee pain has considerably reduced. Very useful product. It’s a great product and value for money.


  10. Nikita

    Great product to maintain healthy joint especially for flexibility during workouts