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Shilajit Tablets by Arogyam, 60 Tablets

(4 customer reviews)

Developed by British Parliament Awardee Doctors


  • Very potent medicine in male weakness stamina strength and vigor 
  • Calms your mind and improves your emotional wellbeing
  • It contains fulvic acid, which may help reduce free radicals and cellular damage in the body. 
  • Shilajit can help alleviate altitude sickness. 
  • Shilajit helps to normalize the level of various hormones in the body especially, female reproductive hormones. 
  • It is very helpful in regulating menstruation.
  • Energy Booster and revitalizes whenever you feel drained 
  • Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas were it available in the purest form.

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Shilajit Tablets by Arogyam is a health supplement to provide strength and stamina to the body. It has secondary importance in enhancing reproductive functions in both men and women. It also increases vitality, vigor, and memory retaining power. It also enhances the recovery from wear and tear of tissues. These capsules promote the overall health and wellness of the body.

Dosage: Take 1 Tablet twice a day after meals with a glass of water. Or as prescribed by the physician.

Key Ingredients

Shilajit (Butamen Asphaltum): It acts as a power and nutrition source. Helps regain stamina, improves immunity, and boosts memory, alertness, and vitality. It also possesses anti-oxidant properties. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle in females and enhances male fertility.


1. Does it have added colour, flavours or preservatives added?
Ans. No artificial color, flavors or preservative added, no chemical solvents.

2. Who can take it?
Ans. It can be taken by adult men and women. Pregnant, nursing women or individual taking any medications, consult the doctor before use.

3. Does it have any side effects?
Ans. No. In case of any side effects, please consult your physician immediately.


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4.8 overall

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  1. pallvi (verified owner)

    Shilajit are best ayurvedic suppliment for energy and stamina. It boost overall health. Support immune system too. Energy levels are boosted with in few days only.


  2. D. G. Singh

    It is a great product to regain strength and increase stamina. I like hiking and trekking which is a very strenuous activities. I tried this tablet for 3 of my trips, so far no side effects.

    D. G. Singh

  3. Sunil kumar

    I have used it for 2 months now and I can feel the results. I am pleased with the results on my stamina and performance.

    Sunil kumar

  4. Salman K

    The timely delivery and bottle were in the good condition. Looked like a genuine product. It makes you feel strong and energetic. Satisfied!

    Salman K