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Ayurvedic Tea For Stress

(21 customer reviews)

Developed by British Parliament Awardee Doctors


  • Beneficial for good sleep.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to control depression.
  • Effective in all nervous and brain disorders.


Arogyam Ayurvedic Tea for Stress is a soothing blend of herbs like Tagar, Jatamansi, Brahmi, and Shankhpushpi that help you relax your mind and body, and relieve off your stress. Each ingredient comes with the added benefits to help alleviate stress by controlling anxiety, improving sleep, and inducing a calming effect. It also detoxifies the body, purifies blood, rejuvenates the skin, and enhances immunity. This herbal tea for stress is 100% natural and safe, and caffeine-free.

How To Use :

  • Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to 2 cups of water.
  • Brew it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Filter and serve it.
  • May add jaggery or honey for sweetness.

Key Ingredients

Tagar: Improves sleep, soothes the central nervous system, manages blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscles of the heart.

Jatamansi: It is well-known for enhancing healthy nerve function and offers sustenance to the brain.

Brahmi: An excellent adaptogenic herb that increases the body’s ability to bear stress. It reduces stress levels and makes your mind happy.

Shankhpushpi: It helps in enhancing concentration, learning capabilities; reduces mental fatigue, insomnia, stress, etc.


1. Is this product healthy and safe to consume?
Ans. Yes

2. Who can use this Tea?
Ans. It can be used by adult men and women.

3. How often should I take this tea By Arogyam?
Ans. One can take once or twice a week for at least 3 months for best results.

4. Are there any added flavors or preservatives?
Ans. No

Based on 21 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Varun Singh (verified owner)

    It had a beautiful Arogyam stress relief to it and taste is very good . The packaging is super and keeps the flavour intact. Loving it totally.

    Varun Singh

  2. Pratiksha B

    I have very hectic work which often leads to stress, anxiety, and frustration. I checked this product online and decided to try it. I have been using it for a month now, it does give calming effect, and a few times I fell asleep. Advisable to take at night.

    Pratiksha B

  3. Misha Solea

    When I first made the tea, the aroma itself was refreshing. I added honey for little sweetness. It makes me feel light, refresh and calm. Would recommend it.

    Misha Solea

  4. Anurag G

    I appreciate the fact that it is caffeine-free, with no added flavors or sugar. The aroma and taste are good. Thank you.”

    Anurag G

  5. Arvinder

    It is tasty, does it contain preservative or flavour also.


  6. Jasika

    I was trying to find the perfect STRESS TEA with a nice flavor to fight the stress I was facing day after day. Then I found this one that fulfilled the requirement so well. I would buy this again.


  7. Rahul

    I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall mood. One CUP TEA a day, for a stress-free day ahead!


  8. Manpreet

    Wonderful and calm relax tea is very good work for stress and depression problems. My friend told me about STRESS tea. I used this tea for 5months. Now my depression problem is solved. Now I am very happy with this tea.


  9. Jaskirat

    A great tea right before bed. Has a great taste and calms you down for a good nights sleep.


  10. Ginni Malik

    I drink this every morning and evening. Helps get me through stress packed days.

    Ginni Malik

  11. Ritika

    This tea is quite a relaxing treat in the evening.


  12. Arv

    Ultimate tea. Make you feel calm and relaxed. Good taste. Suitable for stressed people. Go for it.


  13. Diksha

    The easiest way to distress yourself is tea. It gives you energy and happiness. Good taste. Go for it


  14. Janwi

    After taking it regularly I feel calm stress-free happy and active. Fully recommended


  15. Ritika

    It is not the first time i buy this tea i like it and use it frequently also i like the ingredients which helps in stress relief the taste is my favorite However it is a quality time tea


  16. Danish

    Saw the good reviews and decide to give it a try.. indeed it gives a stress relief effect which seems to make my hectic day more manageable!!


  17. Bhawika

    No doubt this is truly a stress relief, I drink it before bed.100% natural tea.


  18. Jashan

    I am still going to try it everyday because i am a tired Mother who needs a stress reliever.


  19. Divya

    I like Ayurvedic Tea For Stress and this stress relief tea is caffeine free .


  20. Pallvi

    You feel really relaxed, let it be your weekend friend . After long stressful day, you should have this hot drink to feel relief Recommended.


  21. Faizal

    I tried other tea’s for stress relief but this one is the best I feel better after drinking it, and the taste is good. I recommend it and i will buy it again.